Museu Monográfico de Conímbriga, The Museum de Conímbriga

The Museum of Conimbriga is a Portuguese archaeological museum dedicated to the preservation of the relics of the ancient Roman city of Conímbriga, located 16 km from Coimbra, in the town of Condeixa-a-Velha.


The museum was founded in 1962, and also manages the ruins of the city which was inhabited between centuries IX and VII BC-VIII AD The Romans came here in the first century BC, finding a thriving village, but soon introduced their civilization in the region and the city entered a new phase of growth, which continued until the barbarian invasions of the fifth century, coming from then decline. The archaeological site of the ruins is a national monument in 1910. The museum preserves a diverse collection, spread over 31 thematic groups, including statuary, decorative fragments and everyday objects.


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